Who are we?

Alain Millard
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Bernard Dauby
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Laurent Pierreu
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SENS shareholders have spent most of their professional careers in the ERP consulting business, within different consulting groups of various sizes and approaches. They have all participated in all phases of IT projects of different natures, complexities, durations and sizes. Their respective interventions in most industries allow them to understand their respective challenges and to offer innovative solutions potentially from different sectors.

During their respective careers, they have also been able to build a network of experts, mostly freelancers specializing in SAP ERP and with experience in many business sectors. These are today the strike force of SENS and allow SENS to meet the needs of its customers with the required expertise.

Why ?

The creation of SENS comes from the observation that over the years, the profession of consultant has evolved a lot, and that today, clients calling on consultants are looking for much more expertise than before. The need is no longer limited to technical knowledge of the tool to be implemented, but also requires knowledge of the best practices of the industry and the functions concerned. Consultants must have real technical and business knowledge to be able to quickly understand business needs, in order to be able to guide the client in his choice of state-of-the-art functionalities. Based on this observation and in order to be able to serve its customers as expected, SENS brings together a wealth of experience capable of bringing real added value, while adopting an adapted, realistic and proven approach.


By relying on a pragmatic and proven methodology, while guaranteeing that the missions entrusted to us are delivered by a team of consultants with the ad hoc knowledge and experience, we are equipped to help and guide our customers in their ERP implementation journeys.

Our consultants, on top of having extensive knowledge accumulated on large international projects and in large consulting groups, are constantly kept up to date with the latest technologies such as S/4HANA, Fiori, the SAP Activate method, the application of SAP best practices.