Our methodology is based on the best practices for implementing IT systems, applied by the most innovative companies in IT. Our objective, through the SENS structure, is to enable all types of companies to apply these best practices in order to enable them to adopt the latest technologies.

For existing SAP customers, we offer a process audit to identify possible areas for improvement. If we are requested to implement them, we use an agile method in order to realize benefits quickly.

During a new implementation, we model ourselves on the phases of SAP’s Activate methodology to which we associate other good project management practices from our big four past experience.

Your project, our experience, a winning combination

The sum of experience acquired through our varied backgrounds allows us to offer each client an approach adapted to their needs, constraints and context. However, this approach always remains structured in order to guarantee professional management of all key aspects of an IT project.

Taking into account the evolution of the ERP consulting market which requires more and more expertise, business knowledge and cross-functional knowledge, in addition to the technical knowledge of the tools deployed, SENS has decided to rely on specialized senior experts in order to be able to offer its clients teams made up of “the right profiles in the right place”. During certain project phases, we also rely on mid-level or even junior profiles, but always supervised by team leaders, in order to keep the budget under control while guaranteeing quality service and timely delivery.

Quality, pragmatism, budget

With this knowledge and experience, we are able to carry out projects in many industries, and for companies of various sizes. By always having as common thread, our three essential values:

  • Quality: a quality project is a guarantee of stability and return on investment for the client.
  • Pragmatism: the ability to match customer needs with the functionalities offered by the system.
  • The budget: it is essential in our approach, vision, to be able to respect the budgets that are allocated to us, and to get the best “value for money”.