Our services

Each of the 3 founding members of Senior Expert Network @ your Service has been active in enterprise digitalization projects for more than 20 years and has participated in numerous IT solution implementation projects in various industries: aeronautics , services, banks, retail, utilities, telecommunications, media, industry, public service, international organisations, etc.

Each has therefore acquired considerable experience and recognized expertise in the various professions involved in IT transformation projects. Throughout these years, they have been able to build up a network of partners on which they now rely to offer a very wide range of services to companies, including:

Solution, project and organisation audit

The implementation of new IT solutions very often begins with carrying out audits of the current situation, ongoing projects and the organization of a company’s IT departments: a precise analysis based on significant experience acquired within many companies makes it possible to quickly draw up an inventory, to highlight the strong points and the weak points and to propose the first avenues for improvement.

Feasibility Study

A project to implement a new IT solution is generally a long-term journey that will require the mobilization of significant resources within the company. It can sometimes be judicious to precede the implementation of a project by a feasibility study in order to specify the needs which will have to be covered by the project, to check the maturity of the company for this type of transformation, to validate the established assumptions, confirm or build the business case of the project.

Writing specifications/RFI/RFP

It very often happens that the realization of IT projects within a company requires the support of external partners, either because the company does not have the necessary skills internally to implement new solutions or new products, or because internal teams don’t have the bandwidth to deliver to these implementation projects.

Looking for external support on the market is therefore very often necessary; Sens is used to write the specifications in great detail, either in the context of fixed-price contracts which require a very precise definition of requirements or in the context of assignments for which a modus operandi and a precise framework will be required.

Package selection

The choice of IT solutions in companies must be based on a holistic analysis of needs and available solutions, because this very often commits the company for many years. For a defined requirement, there are many solutions on the market today offered by software publishers. The optimum choice depends on a large number of parameters requiring a very broad view of the various constraints which are sometimes antagonistic: functional coverage in relation to needs, costs, implementation, maintenance, durability of the solution, available ecosystem … SENS can provide you with its experience acquired over many years in supporting companies in the selection of software.

Partner Selection

Just like the choice of the solution, the choice of the implementation partner is essential in order to ensure that the specific needs of each customer are taken into account in an optimal way, but also that the partner is able to guide the customer through his whole project. It is also crucial to choose a partner who will be able to bring, in addition to his technical expertise, sound advice to optimize the return on investment.
In this context, SENS supports you in the selection of the most appropriate partner for the conduct of your project, taking into account the requirements and the expected benefits.

Implementation – Expertise

With our network of partners, we are able to meet all your needs in terms of implementation for any size of project. We always seek to offer our clients the best profiles that best meet their needs.

Project management

The implementation of a new IT solution is generally carried out in the form of a project. Based on our experience built on a very large number of implementation projects, we can take over the management of all types of projects. We use a pragmatic approach based on project management standards adapted to the client’s context.

Program management

When several projects are necessary to achieve an overall objective, it may be wise to organize these different projects in a more global program. Here too we rely on the best program management methodologies adapted pragmatically and efficiently to the specific needs of each client.